Kara Ghilotti

From ringlets to rings, Kara does everything from whimsical weddings to stunning styling. This 8-year Dagaz alum specializes in color, cut, and balayage by day, and weddings by — well, anytime!

The collaborative and supportive atmosphere Tony has fostered is unparalleled. We’re all friends, we’re all there for each other. We’re a family.
— Kara

A stylist with a background in psychology, Kara’s expertise in enhancing clients’ special days doesn’t stop with in-house or off-site bridal stylings. She loves the energy of weddings, and curbs anxiety just as readily as she creates captivating curls.

Don’t be afraid to come to Kara without a specific idea of what you want. She loves listening to your description of how you want a hairstyle to make you feel — and then making it happen. In her eyes, great styles are tools. Kara channels her vision into the potential of hairstyles to alter the way people feel about themselves, to boost confidence, and to positively affect self-perception.

While some new mothers might not look at their 9-month-old baby as a hair hero in the making, Kara deeply disagrees. You might have heard about the dueling babies at the salon, and while Kara admits that due to some cute curls Alicia’s baby may be edging hers for “best baby hair,” Kara has vowed that anytime they meet in the sandbox, they’re bringing their A-game. Think the fight scene from Anchorman, but with babies and blow-dried beach curls.


Kara Ghilotti

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I’d love to style you!

Kara Karma:

She picks up on everything, it always ends up looking like what I’m hoping for.

“Kara is a great listener. She totally gets when I have a hard time telling her exactly what I want, she picks up on everything I say, and it always ends up looking like what I’m hoping for. I definitely recommend her. I came to her through a recommendation from one of my best friends! I just loved her cut and color for years, and finally came. Haven’t regretted it!!”

— Kat C, Mill Valley CA.

Kara is the best colorist I’ve ever had

”Kara is the best colorist I've ever had. She asks a bunch of questions to make sure you get exactly what you want. Super happy with my result”

— Jessica C, Sausalito CA.

Kara did an amazing job with me

“My hair somewhat tricky to cut as many stylists have told me in the past.  Kara did an amazing job with me and was super friendly and responsive during my visit.  I will continue to come back and see her even though it's a little bit out of the way.”

— Robert B, San francisco CA .