Alicia has worked at Dagaz for 18 of its 19 years.

(Obviously, Tony was nothing before she arrived.)

At work, Alicia loves nothing more than listening to what people want, and watching them reap the benefits of the transformations she makes happen. Alicia feels her job is truly to make people feel good about themselves by highlighting their beauty in ways they might not have imagined.

In addition to her Vidal Sassoon training, Alicia touts 20 years of experience cutting and coloring hair. She is never afraid to help people with big transformations — people liberating themselves from having to style their hair, wanting easy wash-and-wear hair, or even getting rid of the color they’ve done for years, and going natural. Nothing quite makes Alicia’s scissors sing like shearing long hair into a fashion-forward bob. What turns more heads than a stunning pixie cut? Maybe a puppy. Okay, a puppy does. But that’s not the point.

Outside of work, Alicia’s favorite part of her day is waking up and seeing her one-and-a-half-year-old son in the morning. You better believe they’re in it to win it when it comes to the best hair in the sandbox.


Alicia Love

415 . 999 . 1928

Give her a call— she’d love to style you!

(get it— it’s funny because it’s her name!)

They’re Feelin’ the Love (last pun, promise):

Alicia is Fantastic!

“Alicia is fantastic!! She has an amazing eye for layering your haircut to perfectly complement your face shape. And it's not the kind of haircut that looks great for 2 weeks and then kind of goes 'blah.' No, this is a cut that looks great until the next time you go in; hence why I have been seeing Alicia for years now! ”

— Gaby L, Mill Valley CA.

They made me love my hair when I thought that wasn’t possible.

“Dagaz was the perfect place for my troubled hair, embarrassed by the amount of damage the extensions had caused they treated me with sincere care and consideration and made sure I was completely comfortable. Alicia cut my hair while Tony colored it to a stunning platinum, and by the time I left I was beyond pleased with the results. They made me love my hair when I thought it wasn't possible! I've been going to them ever since and would highly recommend their services!!”

— Elizabeth F, San Francisco CA.

So nice to have someone who listens!

“I brought in a few different pictures for inspiration of the vibe I was going for and Alicia did a great job listening to me and talking me through different possibilities. Sooo nice to have someone who listens! ”

— Tammy W, Santa Rosa CA.