While you might not be able to book with her for another year, if you come in for a service there’s a good chance you’ll meet our Jess-of-all-trades, Jessica Cyr.

A 2 year Dagaz veteran, and our resident stylist assistant, Jess is thrilled to be able to interact with clients on a daily basis who come in for a wide variety of services. Helping with everything from hair extensions to highlights, Jess floats around the salon, ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

While Jess pursues her cosmetology license at school, she insists that she’s also been able to learn from the best in the business while at work. She cites her coworkers as her best teachers- everyone pitching in to help supplement her education in their own way. Extension experience from Celia, short-cut sagacity from Alicia, high-light help from Kara, and Brazilian blowout brilliance from Yuli. According to Jess, the laid back and positive work environment make learning new things as easy and breezy as a bold blowout. 

Jess loves all things hair, and aspires to be a more holistic hair practitioner- she wants to be able to do everything! When she gets her license, she will continue her work at Dagaz, but for now, she will continue to float around, support stylists and learn from the very best. 


Jessica Cyr

Stylist Assistant